Got to love those vintage lenses

Have been shooting some stuff on my selection of old lenses. The bokeh that you get from these is gorgeous. You can pick up the old 50mm for about £10 on ebay and with a little adapter you have a F1.8 lens. Great for shooting some experimental light footage.

Vimeo Ireland: Pick of January 2015


Some of you may be aware that I run the Vimeo Ireland group on…well Vimeo. I try my best to keep it a lively group and with now over 100 members and over 400 videos its doing alright for itself. I often select a video or two from the group that I like. The two below are my selections for the first month of 2015. They both caught my eye and are both great depictions of Ireland in their own ways. Check them out.

Through the Lens – Limerick Milk Market from Conor Bryce on Vimeo.

I recently watched a video capturing Paris through the lens of an old Pentax and had to try something similar. I constructed a rig to hold both my Nikon and an old Lubitel 166b in place, strapped it to my chest, and went shooting!

Graded using Magic Bullet Looks.
Edited in After Effects/Premiere.

“Ascent” – Adam Taylor

Dislocation [Short Film] from Fintan Kearney on Vimeo.

Two security guards in the South of Ireland discover there may not be all that much to keep secure.

A short drama about holding onto the past and how loosing a life long job can mean loosing your status and belonging in the world.

Faces I see in my coffee: Part 3



A rather friendly face in the coffee today. It’s the all to familiar face screaming out don’t drink me, I’m your friend and can help you work. Ha, we both know he lies and can’t be trusted so drink in the wakey juice goodness.

The Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory


I love a good conspiracy theory and when two films that I love are involved in that theory, well that near on blows my mind. The theory stands that in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Ferris doesn’t actually exist and is instead all part of Cameron’s imagination. This “Fight Club”  theory didn’t make mush sense…….but then I watched the below Classy Hands mash up. Prepare to have all your thoughts on the John Hughes Classic blown to pieces.