Why helloI am currently in MicroCare even though it is my holidays…well anwar is here anyway with his outrage at having no holidays he has decided we deserve a car which should be great, i bought a tape(yep an actual tape!!!) i decided on a classic,Westlife’s greatest hits, its what you have to drive to […]

Last few weeks – Traveling in Uganda.

Well sorry for a lack of blogging…. I have been very busy and i could write you one of my super long blogs giving you great detail and information, i know you would greatly enjoy that but i currently am stressing with UCAS so i am going to put a load of photos up and […]


As i am sure you have all being hearing about CHOGM in the news and how much Gordan Brown and queenie enjoyed their tax payers money spend. Well now that the dust has been allowed to settle (literally due to the countless road sweepers out on their hands and knees every morning)we see quite a […]

Three Months

Well its already upon me, i have now been living in Uganda for three months and it only seems like yesterday i was getting onto that plane in Belfast. Time seems to be just flying past me and i should surely be getting more sorted and prepared for the year ahead but alas i cannot […]

Masaka, Uganda

I had another busy weekend with me traveling to Masaka for a project trust birthday. On Friday night I went with James to a leaving party for Jane and Bob who are a retired couple who have been living out in Uganda for 18months, he has been working as a music teacher and she has […]