DiDi’s World

Hello all Well what a weekend I have had. Callum from kizizi came down to see me on Firday and that is when it began. We hit the old haunts of Garden City and ranchers for steak on Friday after work before heading home to set up camp for the weekend. We headed up to […]

American Club – Kampala, Uganda

Hello all Sorry for a rather slow update I have been having trouble posting photos. I have put the above pictures up of the American club as i mention it quite a bit so i thought you all should see what i am talking about. You can see the pool and the clay tennis courts, […]

‘Guy..what will he do next?’!!

Hello allI have had quite a lot going on but that is not the reason for the slow update, it is due to lack of internet.I had a lot of fun with the two boys Callum and Roddy before they left for kizizi. As shown in the above picture we decided to try out the […]

Watchn SA vs England

Im currently sitting in the American Club watchn the rugby outside on a balcony on a large screen while typing this!Good to see south africa winning!!Alot of English here and alot of quiet ppl!I shall try and give a large update regarding my eventful week in the next day or soHope all is well?Guy

My last few days

Hello allI went to the local rugby club as you can see above. I am going to try and play there every monday which should help my international chances.There was heavy thunder and lightning last night and so terrible rain aswell which as you can see in the pictures made the roads a little bit […]