Kisoro trip

Well I have had a weekend and a halfI wish I could just like take you all to the places I have seen and do the things I have and just let you go wow because even though I took 500 photos it still dose not do justice to how beautiful or immense the things […]

Callums Birthday Weekend

Well this weekend the boys decided to come up for Callums birthday, but word spread and suddenly now there was about seven of the project trust people coming up for the weekend. As I waited on the Friday lunch time the medical nurse Lindsay came in and asked me if I wanted to go food […]

Peter Crouch and Damon Albarn in Kampala

Well hello Callum Costello decided to grace me with his presence this weekend, on a sadder note he has a blog now which you don’t want to read and i bet you expected me to tell you where to find it. Well he arrived and we did the usual Ranchers but this time Eric joined […]

CHOGM and general

Check out Jinja Photos below Well this week i received an airmail from a lovely lady, she knows who she is 😀Well thankyou very much it was lovely to hear from youWell to answer a few questions that both my lovely lady asked but also i am sure some others are asking to, i dont […]