Madagascar 2:escape to africa*review*

The highly anticipated sequel Escape to africa is….hold up wait a second….Madagascar….escape TO africa……Madagascar is in Africa…..but alas they are going to escape to Africa….idiots…. i just did a quick google and nobody else is saying a thing?? I thought na the animals must have been put back in a zoo somwhere and now are […]


Well helloIts been a long time since i updated this and a very long time since i wrote a blog that was anyway long or informative so i feel its about time now that i am home that i sum it up a bit and give a bit of a general low down on how […]


The enfuzi community campsite is beautiful as you can see from me jumping into the lake. Becky has been enjoying teaching but we are currently in Kampala as she has got a cyst but it also coincided with us updating our Visa’s.I had a nice birthday very relaxing.In the last week ive been to Rwanda, […]


Well me and becky have found something to do, its pretty much perfect, its working in a campsite beside a cratar lake which is beautiful and great for swimming, the basic idea is that the campsite unds the orphanage attached to the campsite which has 157 kids, we try and keep the campsite running well […]


Well becky is out here and were in KampalaSpent last week in Kisiizi with Roddy which was rather boring but restfull and gave becky a chance to see rural Uganda.We are trying to sort out some work and it looks like an orphanage in FortPortal area looks like the best option where we will be […]