It all starts here i guess…im not gona fill you in with every detail as that would take ages and it makes for a great story but on Monday 7th when Jeremy phoned me and asked me to meet him at the FIDA HQ, we went there and decided we would head off to Lira […]

Picures from Christmas timey

Roddy,spongebob and i at Kisiizi houseThe new Kisiizi kid rosseveltChristmas Service, because are white we were brought to they very very front as in sitting with the priestsRoddy took up Sleep-ear-smoking…a very sad habitWe climbed a hill and found kids with goats on the top of itFound water fall in valley behind hill and had […]


Yeaaaah am in YEIDO not fear ma mere i am fine i am with an arab…he is called abe…he is quart Arabian actually half Indian he has informed meAll is well but i have to go….will upload photos very soon very much funUp da SPLA and Viva La GOSSNena PooMoo for mousieXOXOXO