No Tommy Cooper impersonations!

Saw this on the beach in Lahinch, not a clue what it’s suppose to represent but I am pretty sure they aren’t Tommy Cooper Fans round these parts.

Culture adventure in da pool

Went around the town centre soaking up a bit of culture, some great exhibitions and some banksy.Think it would be great to see a banksy take on a belfast mural with rats and the like.

Inception – view

Went to see inception at an imax last night,my first time and i was very impressed.The trailer for tron visually looks amazing and actually is tempting me to go against all that i feel towards remakes or sequels of old classics(just look at star wars).Anyway back on to inception by Christopher Nolan, its got a […]

Liverpool cathedral

Went during the sunday service, couldnt believe how few people were attending the service, its a bit of a shameful waste.