Inception – view

Went to see inception at an imax last night,my first time and i was very impressed.
The trailer for tron visually looks amazing and actually is tempting me to go against all that i feel towards remakes or sequels of old classics(just look at star wars).
Anyway back on to inception by Christopher Nolan, its got a truely amazing cast, ellen page,auld lio and michael caine who plays a rather small support roll but he plays it something serious *spoiler alert* at the end i think with his classical English charm and near perfect grandad figure he really leads you with lio into really not being sure.
I enjoyed the film, its not a new plot, man has dark troubled past needs to do one last job and then he can get back to his kids, so gets together a crack team of experts…blah blah youve seen this type of movie before but with a gravity defying hotel hallway fight to the death?
In the imax the gravity stuff is just like wow in 3d i am sure it would b even more spectacular.
Gona be brave gona say its the best film ive seen at cinema since the dark knight, but to be fair what have you in the between time? I didnt go see the new smurf film(avatar) and only thing that would come close would be micmacs by jean-pierre jeunet.
So im giving it 4.5*.