Oh hmv

Walk in kings of leon boxset £10 their three best albums. Fear and loathing in las vegas £3,one of hunter.s.thompsons best. Burn after reading £4,watched it again last night. Twin peaks second season £20,no need to explain that one!
I do however dislike their abandon of student discount and the destruction of nearly every small town record shop. Thing is I am writing this in hmv. Ha. Rebel does not begin to explain.

Duchamp would be proud

Was reading a Abigail Solomon Godeau essay entitled ‘playing in the fields of the image’ from her book ‘Photography in the dock’ when i came across this photograph by Harry Shunk. Thanks to a bit of cheeky bic handy craft drawing however it has be redifined. Beautiful.

The brave few

It may be a bit unclear but from my view at the royal court hotel I could see some soles.
I love surfers like this. Perhaps Belfast types who work all week and then drive up to Portrush to get a wave or two and who will get wet no matter what the waves are like. True dedication. Puts me to shame. Still love them though.