Oh hmv

Walk in kings of leon boxset £10 their three best albums. Fear and loathing in las vegas £3,one of hunter.s.thompsons best. Burn after reading £4,watched it again last night. Twin peaks second season £20,no need to explain that one!I do however dislike their abandon of student discount and the destruction of nearly every small town […]

Duchamp would be proud

Was reading a Abigail Solomon Godeau essay entitled ‘playing in the fields of the image’ from her book ‘Photography in the dock’ when i came across this photograph by Harry Shunk. Thanks to a bit of cheeky bic handy craft drawing however it has be redifined. Beautiful.

Film making in schools and colleges

Was hunting through the photography section in the library and found this,great back cover. Was last taken out in May ’69,I wonder who by.Also found a book on photoshop for underwater photographers.

The brave few

It may be a bit unclear but from my view at the royal court hotel I could see some soles.I love surfers like this. Perhaps Belfast types who work all week and then drive up to Portrush to get a wave or two and who will get wet no matter what the waves are like. […]