My two favorite wikipedia lists

Many a student bases most of their essays upon it and all arguments are settled by it. Wikipedia is the fountain of all knowledge.What I love wikipedia for is its gloriously random lists(also the 5 clicks to Jesus game) Not this Jesus. The two lists that are well and truly the best I feel are […]

Sunset, branches, leaves and perfect light

Got a bit snap happy the other night as the sun set and just started getting a bit too carried away with the whole silhouette malarkey but some shots are of interest. Pick a favourite and let me know.

Through the Viewfinder – second wave

A few shots I have taken over this weekend. Its very much trial and error at the moment but its great fun but I am pretty sure I look like a right fruit loop taking photos of inside a box.

Through the Viewfinder – The start

Here is the first of many Ttv shots that I am sure I will drown you with over the next while.This shot is taken on my kitchen table and still has the shavings from the cardboard box I just cut a whole in for my dslr lens. I feel it ads an extra bit of […]