#nowplaying Jose Gonzalez

A – Crosses B – Storm
Crosses is one of my favorite songs of his so this was a must buy. The B side Storm is another gloriously catchy dander along with his soothing voice guiding you. Give it a play if you havent yet. You wont regret it.
The art work is by Elias Araya and is a bit weird. Fetus’s with wings, not what I expected. Solid 4/5.

Paul – a view

Went to see paul last night and what a shockingly terrible film that is. It is the worst film I have seen this week but to put that statement in context I have seen With or without You, nothing personal, resurrection man and rat catcher. I would actualy like to now make a list of films I would rather see than watch Paul.
Godzilla, any of the transformer,spiderman,sex and the city, twilight or harry potter films, the core, beerfest, die hard 1,2,3+4, home alone 3+4, star wars 1-3, andy warhols empire, marley+me ,rita,sue+bob too, any of the saw films…well the list goes on.
This film does not deserve a rating. If it took them over 10minutes to write the script for this I would feel ashamed for mankind as the cliched and childish plot drags along pushed by crude jokes and vulgar lazy written dialogue.