Living colour shaped vinyl.

Above big bang they have extended into vinyl+books,what an extention.Its like every charity shop in belfast dumped its best stuff into awesome shelves. Saw this shaped vinyl but vinyl buying is on hold before we move.

First Barrys adventure of the year

Its that time of the year when I grab my jar of saved up 2p’s and head to ‘the rush’ (aka Portrush) to enjoy Barrys amusements. I always have a go on the 2p machines and as you can see above it’s rather hard to win at Barrys. I came home empty handed but with […]

Catfish (2010) – A view

Contains spoilers. If you havent seen this film go watch it if yes continue reading. Its a gewd bit ironic how I came to watch this film. I was trying to figure out who a person in someones profile pic on facebook was and went into their profile. They had a few films that I […]

Singles (1992) – A view

Usually I ramble on about a film “blah blah blah” this about it put some photos up and make a snarky and pretentious comment or two and then give the film a rating. This time there is no need when there is a song that can so beautifully sum up this film.  Spotify(full song) Last Fm(30 Secs)