Best $1 you will spend.

Sufjan Stevens – Impossible Soul

I have been playing this song a lot since seeing Sufjan. I do not even feel the track is done justice without Sufjan’s dancing skills and and the visual supplied by Deborah Johnson. This is still an amazing track and well worth the cheeky $1. Or even get it and the whole Age of Adz album for $8. Steal.
Have to admit I am a bit of a stat screw-er as I am indeed the mp3 generation yet I have never bought an mp3. It just feels so dirty, give me the cd/vinyl and some art work. I like the whole package not just the digital so I am not really a great advertisement for this but ah well.

Free to…any home

Have a collection of terribly beautiful vinyl up for grabs. Neil Diamond, status quo, boney M, simple minds, nana mouskouri, neil sedaka, connie francis, johnny cash, helen reddy, arthur blessitt and that readers digest classic ‘that old-time religion’ 8 lp beauty! Thats just a taster, most of these are in perfect condition. I am moving and need rid. If your up in the north coast area and want these for free before they go to a charity shop. Let me know.