Red Mist Vs o2

Had a rather eventful day yesterday, with spending time with family, travelling back to Glasgow and getting red mist rage at o2. So I have been a o2 customer for a decent like 5-6 years and have had the o2 WEB bolt-on (No relation to the stop class title challenging football team) for the past […]

Polaroid bag delight

Managed to dig an old dusty box from under a camera or two. Lift it up and polaroid is written in white in the bottom right. I get pretty excited when I manage to find a polaroid box. Will blog again, about the contents.

Olly Moss – ‘Paper cuts’

Simple victorian style silhouettes of famous characters from tv, film and games. What a great idea, some of them are glorious.The 24 year old brit had his debut show at LA gallery, 1988. He sold out in just three hours. Talented