The great equipment debate #indie #filmmaking #photography

It has been a big year so far. I have graduated from my Media Studies and Production degree with a first, moved countries and got a job, which I start tomorrow.  One thing I loved about my Uni was the availability of equipment. PD-170’s, D300’s and sound equipment galore, I used it all and milked […]

Margot at the wedding (2007) – View

vFound out this week during to much “Wes Andersoning” that Noah Baumbach was a co writer on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I also enjoyed his directing style after watching The Squid and the Whale. So I decided to give another film he has directed a look see. I was not expecting much due to a certain […]

For Lovers Only – Zero Budget Indie Film grosses $200k in itunes sales

Another win for the Indie film maker has been the Polish brothers “For Lovers Only”. No massive budget, no fancy equipment, no expensive advertisement campaign and no massive stars just raw filming making talent at its very best. Its great to see that a film made on a canon 5d and equipment already owned by […]

The Rise of Wes Anderson – Bottle Rocket

This is the the original 13 min short that Wes Anderson made, Bottle Rocket. This was the stepping stone to launching the feature film Bottle Rocket, two years later. The short also created the careers of not only Wes Anderson but also Owen and Luke Wilson, who’s first taste of film was Bottle Rocket. The short really struck me, with […]

The Sun gets hacked

I went to Google and stuck in “the Sun”, as per usual it popped up with top on the list spewing its description of news showbiz celebrities blah blah. You click on the link and… It goes onto the the sun website and you see the usual rubbish of gossip and celebrity on the beach […]