John Peel, Copyright and the sneaky sneak

First off big up my man John Peel on this sad day. His Joy Division sessions has had many a play by me.That leads me on to a find today while time waisting in a generic high street clothing store. Something around krimarp.The above photo is their take on an iconic Joy Division album cover. […]

Wrap time

What a cinematic town wee edinburgh is. Have spent the whole day filming around the royal mile. Past the gangs of tourists and ‘free’ tours there is a rather nice town. Just need to be there 7am or 7pm. Now to glasgee

The Only-place-open-for-coffee coffee

I cannot stand that mcd’s ad. Make up coffee? Unless they mean use it to take off your plastered on make up it makes no sense. What sort of person takes their loved one to mcdonalds to make up for something.Break up coffee I understand. If you are dumping someone might aswell have the location […]

A BTS of the Redbull Mini drome Glasgow by foundlight productions

Two Sundays ago the RedBull minidrome came to Glasgow and I was there with Foundlight Productions to make the official video for the event. It was a great experience for myself having never worked with GoPros which I spent most of the day with. This is a wee break down of the event with some […]