Coriolanus (2011) – A view

Having not watched a Shakespearean film/tv adaption since that glorious 1997 adaption of Macbeth with my old favorite, Brian Blessed. Coriolanus had a tough act to follow. I am not a Shakespeare fan so this story was unknown to me but it soon neatly unfolded with weird mother son connections and betrayal as one would […]

My Glasgow Swishblog

My latest wee vid. A swishblog of Glasgow from my perspective. Really enjoyable video to make such a simple process can make such a fun end product. Would recommend giving it a go. I used my Xperia Ray with 720p video and I rather like the incognito style I was able to achieve. 

Moonrise Kingdom Trailer and Wes Anderson

So finally we get a look at Wes Anderson’s latest feature. A coming of age romance set in the 60’s with a stellar cast of non-wes-andion proportions. Ed Norton and Bruce Willis some how fit in perfectly as the camp leader and the local sheriff. With a release date rumoured to be this summer I […]

Crash Corsage – The wedding crashing app

Crash Corsage from EricSchlakmanDotCom on Vimeo. Perhaps an all time low on the app store. My personal favourite bit is that after their app is based on stealing other peoples private* information they reassure you that you “(Don’t worry, we’ll never regift your email address to someone else.)” Because come on that would be terrible. Somebody’s information […]