mint julep »to the sea«

Just look at this double camera visual wonder. Such a great idea. It looks like a simple double rig and then constant edit between the two. Others are saying twixtor with tilt shift. Bottom line, beautifully simple but makes for something painfully intriguing. Bringing so much movement to a nice wee music video.

The Shore wins an Oscar…..and then what? Now if you know anything about my blog you will be aware of my distate for films about the “troubles”. I have a wide brush and I paint with my eyes closed at times. I thought Elephant was superb and was a truly gripping representation of the mindless violence that ripped the country apart. I do […]

Grabbers (2012) – A follow up #filmmaking #ireland #film

You may remember a post I made in early December regarding the Irish Film Board funded Grabbers and Shadow Dancer. I was glad to see Irish film being represented at Sundance, its a great festival and an amazing platform for any countries cinema talent to be shown off. My issue with the two of these films […]