Moonrise Kingdom (2012) – Views

Warning, this review contains nothing even baring resemblance to a review. As a big Wes Anderson fan Moonrise Kingdom has been the film I have been waiting for in 2012. Was gutted that in Glasgow it was at the Odeon and Cineworld before the GFT so had to risk life and limb venturing to the […]

Shadow Dancer (2012) – Views

Shadow Dancer looks great, proper serious thriller based around the troubles in Belfast during the 90’s. Always a bigger basher of Northern Irish ‘troubles’ films but to be honest this looks great. Hard to expect anything else from James March. A foreigner(Cornwall) coming in to do a ‘troubles’ film always gives me goosebumps and a ranty […]

May – Creative Project

5 X 5 video project is the unedited collection of five five second clips to represent a topic. Mine is the journey from Glasgow, Scotland to Portrush, Northern Ireland. More 5 x 5’s