Favourite album of all time

So I have started blogging again and on a variety of subjects. One of them being music. I should then start at the top and work my way on down.

Graceland by Paul Simon

Graceland by Paul Simon is my greatest album of all time. There you go, I said it.

After recently seeing NME journalists vote “The Queen is Dead” by The Smiths the greatest album of all time in a bizarre we-are-sorry-Morrisey-here’s-some-free-publicity twist I was surprised to say the least. I am not saying its not a great album, it may even sneak on up into my top 10 but it really doesn’t do it for me like Graceland.

Perhaps its based upon a childhood of Carol King or Paul Simon being played in the car during trips around Ireland. I suspect as such, its that nostalgic fuzzy feeling I get when ‘Boy in the bubble’ comes on. I didn’t start listening to The Smiths till the 00’s where as Paul has had a solid decade of play ahead.

Also and proof is in the above record, you can go into pretty much any charity shop in the UK and get a copy of Graceland for under a £1. Show me another great album (excluding The Vengaboys) that you can pick up for that price?

So here is the question, what is your greatest album of all time?


Kodak and Instagram

“You push the button, we do the rest”

George Eastman

Kodak and instagram

If George could see this I fear his head would melt.

Portrait Insta through the viewfinder. Oh how things have changed, this is the most use my wee Kodak duaflex gets. He pioneered the ease of photography to the masses, now phones have taken it to the next level of access. I reckon he would have loved it, maybe not the business model but certainly the photography access.