A review on my 2013

Well it’s been one of them years.My project a month has been a lot of fun, Edinburgh school of art exhibition, screenings in Austria, Belfast and London along with about 50 litres of beer.I started these projects to keep me creatively focused and to have the deadlines I need to actually get stuff done rather […]

Gig phone photography

This is one of my favourite photos of this year. In front of us at a frightened rabbit gig this fella got his phone out to take a few photos of the crew setting up, as you do. As he went to zoom it happened. He dropped his phone. Quickly retrieving it from the sticky […]

2013 project finale

A great way to say farwell to my 2013 project at the Incarnation celebration up in Dundee. A gorgeous cottage in the back end of nowhere filled with people, mulled wine and festive tunes. I screened my final project of the year, “Of the”, at this wonderful evening. If you wish to see the rest […]

Through the viewfinder

Been shooting a lot of TTv footage over the past few days for my December project. Just thought you should know.