Twathrie 2.0 on the road

I am taking these off to the Isle of Mull to celebrate the new year. Phenix Brewery getting set up for all grain in the new year. 

2014 in review & goals for 2015

It took a cliched layed out photo of my equipment and sitting down to make a showreel to make me realise how little I have done this year. I have only used one of those six cameras and out of those eight lenses I have used three, that’s rather sad. So I sat down to […]

Carbonated coffee: Two week batch

I opened the second bottle of my cold brew carbonation experiment that I naturally carbonated with sugar and champagne yeast. (The details can be seen here). The second week of fermenting had made the bottle worryingly hard so decided to open it up over the sink. With a cautious twist the fizz began, but surprisingly […]