Facebook – Paper

Well this looks rather nice. A bit more streamline and a lot less blue and white. A seemingly half decent userface for once with lots of nice gimmicks. 50 seconds in there’s a rather nice wee use of the gyro in the iphone for the buffalo photo. This is something I was actually developing a […]

Oscar Wilde’s grave Through the viewfinder

When I was in Paris in 2011 I went to pay my respects to fellow old Portoran Oscar Wilde. After coming up out of the metro you appear as if in another world full of large crypts and elaborate gravestones. It really is a beautiful thing in cities right across Europe. These gorgeous and peaceful […]

Bill Murray films on Netflix UK

So after watching Broken Flowers last night on Netflix UK I wondered to myself, what other Bill Murray films are on Netflix. I couldn’t find a list via my tv netflix app so I made a list in no particular order. Ghostbusters Scrooged Rushmore The Life aquatic with Steve Zissou What about Bob? Broken Flowers […]

Coffee for this week

Picked up 1kg of beans from the Byres rd Tinderbox, one of the best coffee spots in Glasgow’s west end. Open till 11pm with great staff and incredible tarts.Literally can’t take a photo without this wee fella getting in the way. Loves the smell of coffee. Everything’s turned up just past ’11’. Smoky flavours verging […]