Monday Morning Music – DM Stith – Ichabod & Apple (2005)

I had the pleasure of discovering the music of David Michael Stith as the support act to Sufjan Stevens in Dublin nearly 3 years ago. Twas a lovely surprise, now its time for you to enjoy him too. Melancholic tunes to wind away your Monday blues, or perhaps add to them. A lovely mix between […]

Bill Murray in Glasgow for the Film Festival?

  Is Bill Murray roaming the streets of Glasgow today after a mad night at the 10th Glasgow Film Festival opening gala? I doubt it or I would have expected to have seen him at the Gala last night, trust me I was looking.  

The Grand Budapest hotel (2014)- a view

The king of whimsical hipster film has returned, this time with something a little more disappointing, The Grand Budapest hotel. The usual cast assembled, the trademark 180 degree pans appeared and the POV shots established right from the start. Unfortunately The Kinks and Elliot Smith don’t sit well in 1930’s Europe so that’s a swing […]

Archive photography : Russian ballet in Australia

Sometimes while browsing an archive you discover something that just completely sucks you in. (source) (source) (source) These shots from the Ballets Russes Australian tour in 1940 are just amazing. 74 years old and still striking and empowering.  The reflection in the behind the scenes top shot is gorgeous and the intimate feel was what first […]