Happy Record Store Day 2014 #rsd2014 #1d

Hats off to all who managed to get some #1d vinyl, ’twas worth that 4am start I am sure. I will be keeping up my tradition of buying nout. You’ve probably never heard of them.

A Glasgow sunset and some Good Friday thoughts

  It’s glorious to welcome the sun into our flat for only the second time in a young life. Rather exciting and a glorious Good Friday. This day does not, I feel have the same power as it did in Northern Ireland. Alas with the news of a republican killing today, there is still a […]

Music Mondays: The songs my sleep brain picks

I am one of those people who never remembers dreams, what I do regularly have when I wake is a song stuck in my head, no doubt a soundtrack to said not remembered dreams. These songs are never your classic pop tunes, without fail they are terrible b sides, parodies and 80s throwbacks. Tonnes of […]