Growing hops in a Glasgow flat for home brewing

It’s pretty mad right? I love homebrewing and since I’ve been doing it for 4 years now you start to experiment more with brews. One of these ways is by using hops. Hops are currently soaring in price and the craze for craft beer may lead to a hop shortage, in the USA anyway. With […]

Hipster kitty : homebrewing

Oh it’s been busy round my neck of the woods. A small craft batch being made with my own paws. It’s kind of a smokey wooden fruity hop beer with a dark IPA feel to it. Bottling it in old Umbongo cartons imported from Malta. Will be available in to buy at the back of […]

Twathrie – home brew label design

Has to be the best part of home brewing, the label design. The latest brew was a Belgian Triple larger so thought I should grab in some Belgian heritage with the Belgian inventor of the Sax Antoine Sax and called it Twathrie which is Ulster Scots for Three or a few. Can confirm it is […]