Phenix brewery goes big rather than having to go all the way home

I have often not been a fan of ebay( I still wake up in a cold sweat at night thinking about that “genuine” Del Boy autograph!) But this evening it came up trumps.Not only have I doubled my fermenting volume, I now have a five gallon keg, seven awesome glass demijohns, a tonne of bottles […]

Half-handed Cloud – Flying Scroll Flight Control

Have been listening to the latest offering from Asthmatic Kitty Records. Half-Handed Cloud has been getting a good bit of play over the last few months so rather excited for more upbeat, catchy tunes with tambourines galore. It’s rather uplifting once in a while to drag myself away from the likes of Joy Division and The Knife […]

Man standing on path near veranda of large house

There is not much I like more than a creepy old photograph and this certainly fits the bill. Titled as “Man standing on path near veranda of large house” (source) this has it all, blurred foliage, moustached man, black and white, vacant stare and confusing. I tend to spend days thinking about photographs like this, is […]

Hop plant in Glasgow update #homebrew

Left this wee fella while I was away for a week and he won’t stop growing and well vining. He has finally started to outgrow the windowsill and I fear the balcony just won’t have the space for him so he now has this space.It’s not perfect, a bit too shady but for growing hops […]

Bottled: Canadian Blonde with 100g of cascade hops

My first experiment with dry hopping was bottled about 7 hours before I left for Mexico. Nout like a bit of last minute bottling. Not gona lie, it tastes pretty amazing. I just had a wee cheeky pre-carbonation taste but it’s yum! Will begin designing a label ASAP but possible names are currently EH! Moose […]