Say hello to Vehnäolut

We at Phenix Brewery pride ourselves on obscure hipster names for our beers and with this latest brew there is no exception. Welcome to the Phenix Brewery line up Vehnäolut. A 4.33% wheat beer with a cheeky Columbus dry hop. As you obviously know it’s name is Finnish for wheat beer. The reason being my […]

Strathaven Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014

An early dawn drive out to Strathaven to see the dawn launch of the hot air balloons. What a treat it was seeing them drift off across the landscape as the sun rose.We arrived at 6:15am and with a quick search set up to watch the balloons fly over us. A great collection of colours […]

Chambara – Dare to Be Digital 2014 – Gaming

I was having a browse through the various wonderful games on display from this years Dare to be Digital.  I came across this game, Chambara and it very much grabbed my attention. The game is a local multiplayer stealth deathmatch. Whats not to love? Take a look at the trailer below. A very simple idea but looks […]

Design a label for me, get paid in beer

One of the joys of running your own ‘brewery’ is the fun of naming and designing the labels and brand that goes with it. I have been brewing and designing my own labels for the past four years. Some have been better than others. Below is a selection of said designs. So aye, I ain’t […]

Beats and beans for the weekend

I work in the digital world as I am sure most people currently do. Our life revolves around things that we will never even touch. Photos, Illustrations and even books, some never see the light of the physical world. That is why I love people who make physical items. A break from the current norm. […]