The Glasgow Graffers

I like to imagine they compare and contrast spreadsheets. Then go crazy at some serious y and x axis.

MeetThe62 : A documentary project

After my blog regarding the fact only 62 people work full time in the Scottish film industry I have had a few interesting chats and tweets off people. A very interesting chat was had today with a colleague who said why don’t you go meet them all and make a film about it. So that’s […]

One gallon mead recipe and artwork for “Mead is Murder”

So here it is in all its glory a One gallon mead recipe, I only wish I had taken the original gravity and could say what the ABV is. I followed this recipe below for a 1 gallon batch of traditional mead. Equipment  1 Gallon demijohn 1 Airlock 1 Bung Some sterilization One gallon mead recipe 1.5kg Honey 1 […]