Best film soundtrack of 2014

2014 was a bit of a strange one for soundtracks. A Wes Anderson film came out, surely the King of Quirk would ride to number 1 on his bike made from old trumpets without a question. Alas he went for an original score, not a 70’s throwback to be heard. Setting your film in war […]

The sad decline of vinyl in Glasgow

Once the way of the tape, innards pulled out in a way no pencil can fix. Then it moved to the CD, dragged from its sleepy bed betwixt the ashtray and the dashboard, then hurled, scraped and bashed, left abandoned at the sides of roads. It’s only crime perhaps a skip or a jump. Now […]

Got to love those vintage lenses

Have been shooting some stuff on my selection of old lenses. The bokeh that you get from these is gorgeous. You can pick up the old 50mm for about £10 on ebay and with a little adapter you have a F1.8 lens. Great for shooting some experimental light footage.