Impossible Film: Polaroid wonder or hipster flop?

Having used Polaroid film for a few years now I have had a rather love, hate, hate, hate relationship. Love the colours and the immediacy, hate the price. It was however a wonderful discovery in a Boots in Enniskillen where I picked up a dozen packs for a few quid as they were expired. This lasted me a good while but following a house fire I lost the last of it. It was only at the end of last year did I actually get round to buying any new film. The impossible film project was something I had followed with excitement for a while, always put off by the high prices. I was then rather nervous about testing it out after hearing such mixed reviews. It both disappointed and prevailed.


Thanks to the wonders of a nearly 30 year old camera I managed to get the film stuck and ended up with a rather strange double exposure. The first surprise was the nearly 40min wait for the image to appear. This was a 40min nervous wait may I add.


Perhaps half way up a mountain side in Mull on the very first day of 2015 isn’t the best place to do more timed shots but who cares, look at them colours.


and finally a moody portrait of myself. I do like the colours, they are rather unpredictable but that’s part of the fun when working with any film. The cost however of impossible film, £17 for 8 shots is rather hard to justify. I suspect it must be labeled as a hipster wonder. Reserved for art projects, first day of the year mountain climbs and holidays.

A funny wee vinyl story

Ian Paisley vinyl

While flicking through some LPs I came across this wonderful delight, recorded at Martyrs Memorial Methodist church, Belfast I’ll have you know.
Having dutifully pulled it out and taken a snap a few 30 something wannabe hipsters came passed to take on the ABBA and Elton John infused piles of vinyl. Upon noticing this set out one nudged the other and giggled. I put on my strongest Norn Iron accent and stated, “pure classic there”.
They both had the fear, stopped looked at me with eyes wide. Errr. I walked away…..