Hop growing in Glasgow 

My two year old dwarf First Gold hop plant finally has produced some crop.

Hop growing in Glasgow isn’t the easiest but thankfully I have a small allotment. I grow a variety of veg there and also have this growing on a south-east facing fence.

I was so pleased to actually have some hops grow this year but was actually surprised to get 59.2 grams of wet hops.

I was however disappointed with the aroma I was getting off them having always used pellets in my brewing.

I plan to use the whole batch on a really simple IPA. A small one gallon batch with marris otter is on the cards this weekend. I plan on posting the recipe for this and going to call it Centurion way growers IPA.

Knight Of Cups – Featurette

Knight Of Cups Knight Of Cups

Beautiful pale palletes are to Malick what plotless explosions are to Michael Bay. You shouldn’t however just expect some gorgeous colours and some whispery voice overs, you can instead garuntee them. I for one am not complaining, give me a predictable plot line with some whimsically put together lines. It’s perfect as long as it keeps looking as amazing as this. Keep it up Mr Malick and I will keep watching.