31/Jan 2016: Off elsewhere

   So that’s the end of the first monthly project of 2016. A sort of experiment in forced creativity. This first one done and like this lady I am off elsewhere. Need a departure from photography but no doubt I will be back. Will do a conclusion with the full month of photos on a […]

30/Jan 2016: All of the lights

I’ve been using these 30 days so far to try and experiment a bit but the forced creativity isn’t currently having the desired effect. Perhaps I should stick to photography theory. Tomorrow is the last day so will make some form of big effort to take a decent photo and a small conclusion to my […]

29/Jan 2016: Another self portrait 

   I guess it’s the willing model that makes self portraits an easy out for this so apologies if you’re tired of seeing these. Only two days to go so I am sure you will cope. Still hiding behind a camera and always not so clear. I shall look forward to putting these 31 photos […]

28/Jan 2016: Depth over distance

It has been a long time since I got my Kodak Duaflex out but it was a delight to have a play with it today. Nearly froze my fingers off but it was worth it for this fun contrast of colours, styles and era’s of Glasgow. The red in the background is from the Waverley, […]

27/Jan 2016 : Biblical rain

   I managed to get soaked about three times today as Glasgow’s skies continue to melt. It’s getting pretty ridiculous looking out the window at any given time of the day and seeing torrential rain pummelling everything below it. Bring back the snow I say or sort yourself out clouds and do as requested and […]