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guy phenix
Hello, I am Guy Phenix, a Glasgow-based assistant producer. Work for TV and digital companies, creating content and developing ideas. Self-shooting, editing, directing and publishing everything from articles to interviews. I make short films, take photographs and code in my spare time and just did a monthly creative project during 2016. Always interested in collaborating on ideas and always curious about new projects and opportunities.

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Email me@guyphenix.com

Mob 075 999 8 99 58

Twitter @guyphenix

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2 comments on “About – Assistant Producer – Guy Phenix

  1. Hi Guy

    I am George from the National Youth Film Academy.

    At the NYFA we are creating a series three of a TV show called ‘NYFA Top 5’ which is all about showcasing UK film directors who are under the age of 25. The program will be broadcast on a regional channel called Made in Tyne and Wear.

    After watching your short film ‘Dragoon’ I would like to feature it in the show. If you are interested in this could you please email me back with saying that you give us permission to use it on the show.

    Also if you had a copy of the film that you could WeTransfer it over to me then that would be great.


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