My favourite stuff of 2017 and a review

Will I ever learn? Every year I come here and write a blog post with some wonderful plans for a New Year ahead, full of photography, filmmaking and exciting art projects. This year was a break from the 12 monthly projects, a chance to relax and get away from the forced creativity that would enable […]

November weekend in photos and an Etsy launch

  Spent the weekend with this little bear as we wandered around Glasgow. Ended up heading to Bakery by Zique, some amazing tasty treats. Since we got Elliott my wife has been making bandanas for him to wear, as seen above. We have now started to put together an Etsy shop where we sell some […]

New York Photography 16 – #Ophelia

Here is a photo from the New York subway (I think). Somehow the northern lights have managed to make an appearance. Today’s sky has been a weird one. Auld Ophelia has made for some mad yellow and red skies right across the UK, and some horrible scenes over in Ireland. In Scotland it is a […]

New York Photography 7 – Call boxes and hydrants

City infrastructure can last decades, always blending into the background. Graffiti, wear and tear and advances in technology all take their toll. Fire hydrants are an American icon,  but have you heard about Call Boxes? Watch the below Vox documentary on this fascinating city infrastructure. DC’s abandoned fire and police call boxes, explained

New York Photography #Expired 4

Cars in America. Not to be confused with Cars 3. Ever since experiencing monster trucks in Hawaii as a 5 year old I’ve loved the idea of owning a power mad muscle car. Unfortunately the sight of a Mini Clubman GT1275 soon destroyed any desire for a Mustang. It’s a toss up between this and […]