Daily Photo – 30 – Final

So that’s it, 30 days of photos. In the end some were not from the archive due to busyness. This last one is. On a ferry traveling across Lake Victoria. If you are going to win at cards, do it in style and with red eyes. Circa 2008

Daily Photo – 29 – Uganda to Sudan

      Today’s post is a bit of a treat of photos from a rather insane journey I took. From the bright lights of Kampala, Uganda to the abstract craziness of Yei, Sudan (Now South Sudan). This is easily the most insane travelling I have done and one of those I look back upon […]

Daily Photo – 27 – Dragoon trailer

The mighty Ross Blackmore doing sound in a cold and wet forest outside Glasgow. Today two years ago I launched the trailer for my short film Dragoon (have a watch below if you haven’t seen it yet.) After a rather manic 2013 this was something that kept me going. Rather proud of how the trailer […]

Daily Photo – 26 – Hot Air Balloon

  Final stretch of these and I shall try and get a wide range of stuff that I like. I would say photos you may like but as I am the only person who reads this it would be pointless to not at least entertain myself. That’s a special shout out. You know who you are.