Faces I see in my coffee: Part 3

  A rather friendly face in the coffee today. It’s the all to familiar face screaming out don’t drink me, I’m your friend and can help you work. Ha, we both know he lies and can’t be trusted so drink in the wakey juice goodness.

Carbonated coffee: Two week batch

I opened the second bottle of my cold brew carbonation experiment that I naturally carbonated with sugar and champagne yeast. (The details can be seen here). The second week of fermenting had made the bottle worryingly hard so decided to open it up over the sink. With a cautious twist the fizz began, but surprisingly […]

Naturally carbonated cold brew experiment

I have been home brewing for about four years. In 2015 I plan to move to all grain and do a bit of experimenting. Having obtained about half a dozen one gallon demijohns I plan to do small brewing experiments. The first of the year is going to be a naturally carbonated cold brew. Using […]

Beats and beans for the weekend

I work in the digital world as I am sure most people currently do. Our life revolves around things that we will never even touch. Photos, Illustrations and even books, some never see the light of the physical world. That is why I love people who make physical items. A break from the current norm. […]

Coffee for this week

Picked up 1kg of beans from the Byres rd Tinderbox, one of the best coffee spots in Glasgow’s west end. Open till 11pm with great staff and incredible tarts.Literally can’t take a photo without this wee fella getting in the way. Loves the smell of coffee. Everything’s turned up just past ’11’. Smoky flavours verging […]