Beats and beans for the weekend

I work in the digital world as I am sure most people currently do. Our life revolves around things that we will never even touch. Photos, Illustrations and even books, some never see the light of the physical world. That is why I love people who make physical items. A break from the current norm.

One of those people is a colleague who in exchange for some EH! gave me his latest musical treat.

Vinyl lp - The Nuclear Family


The Nuclear Family is a combination of Tom Churchill & Laurence Hughes. I gave it a listen last night and loved it. My favourite track has to be Blind Spot

To quote Innate ” “Blind Spot” is a clear ode to Chi-town – jacked up beats meeting a mayday style flange that gives way to a heavy sounding raw-edged bass, countered with jazzed out chords. “

Exactly not what I was going to say anyway.

Alas yesterday evening also meant a trip out to the land of Artisan Roast, another section of Glasgow that self publishes but in this case beans.

coffee beans bonanza yellow bourbon


The Nuclear Family playing on the Amstrad and these beans getting ground will make for a wonderful start to the Weekend. Coffee a go go.

Coffee for this week

Picked up 1kg of beans from the Byres rd Tinderbox, one of the best coffee spots in Glasgow’s west end. Open till 11pm with great staff and incredible tarts.
Literally can’t take a photo without this wee fella getting in the way. Loves the smell of coffee.


Everything’s turned up just past ’11’. Smoky flavours verging on tobacco.
Matthew Algie – Gama