Riverside Museum at night

Glasgow is a great city. One of my favourite things is the incredible art and museums right across the city. I especially love the fact that this Zaha Hadid designed museum is right on my doorstep. By day it’s an incredible home to transport and at night it becomes a piece of art in its […]

Star-sleeper and the desire to make physical products

I recently came across the amazing star-seeker by Brisbane based furniture maker/photographer, Isaac Chatterton. This stunning piece of art/furniture/home is a gorgeous contrast amongst the throwaway attitude we see all to often today. This isnt the sort of tent you take up a mountain or drag to a festival. These festival tents bought in haste […]

Twin Peaks Action Figures by Max Dalton

How amazing are these Twin Peaks action figures by the very talented Max Dalton. You may recognise the style and the name from the spectacular The Wes Anderson Collection book by Matt Zoller Seitz. The illustration in it are a thing of real beauty. Some how I suspect we wont be seeing Special Agent Dale Cooper […]

Google creates virtual Easter Rising tour

Google (Link) has created an amazing immersive experience of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin. They have used photographys from the stunning Lawrence Collection from the NLI along with voice over and paperwork from the rising. With the 100th Anniversary of the Rising occurring this year it is no surprise that there has been a […]

Amazing things on Google Earth

Just take a few minute to yourself and think about what Google earth is. You can actually now go pretty much anywhere in the world and see it. You can even scan back a few years to see how it has changed. Its a rather spectacular world of technology we live in. Take a gander […]