The sky tonight in Glasgow with Larry

Sat on the balcony this evening with this wee ginger watching the sun sink, the sky glow dissolve and a slither of a moon appear. Ive gone inside, he’s still soaking it up.

Hipster kitty : homebrewing

Oh it’s been busy round my neck of the woods. A small craft batch being made with my own paws. It’s kind of a smokey wooden fruity hop beer with a dark IPA feel to it. Bottling it in old Umbongo cartons imported from Malta. Will be available in to buy at the back of […]

Hipster kitty – Parks and Rec

During February Hipster kitty stops watching Twin Peaks for a week, fearful of Laura Palmer coming back 25 years later.So instead he watches Parks and Rec. He worries about Rob Lowe leaving.