New York Photography 6 #filmsnotdead

Speaking of a “treat” check out the amazing Wolf Parade’s new album Cry Cry Cry. The always great Subpop has a bizarre but genius sales format, they constantly put full albums onto YouTube available to stream. I guess in this day in age you need to beat every 12-year old in their bedroom from doing it. […]

Nothing but praise for Shia LaBeouf

Unlike a lot of you naysayers I grew up with Shia LaBeouf, learning that Stevens can indeed be the same.  Too often we berate young up and coming talent. We scoff at their Transformer selling out but also too often our young actors lose the plot. Not our Shia. Shia is as stead fast as Macaulay’s […]

Darwin Deez – The Mess She Made

Old Darwin does it again with another amazing music video. Directed by Oscar Hudson this video is a visual treat as all Darwin’s videos are. A combo of a massive f.22 stop means they have focus for days and some amazing visual tricks. Some of the set ups are so perfect that the money looks faked. Have a look […]

#TBT – @Notsquares @Forfey – August 2010

Every August in Northern Ireland something out west would manage to tempt the Belftiats from their caves to cross the River Bann. Being the only thing of creative interest to happen in Fermanagh since a certain Oscar was knocking about, Forfey was always on my calendar. Unfortunately this year building control decided it wasn’t to […]

The sad decline of vinyl in Glasgow

Once the way of the tape, innards pulled out in a way no pencil can fix. Then it moved to the CD, dragged from its sleepy bed betwixt the ashtray and the dashboard, then hurled, scraped and bashed, left abandoned at the sides of roads. It’s only crime perhaps a skip or a jump. Now […]