Film Festival requirement hullabaloo

“If you are aged between 8-25 years old, resident in the UK and you have made a short film in the last 18 months that is under 10 minutes long – including titles and end credits – that was inspired by east London”


Its weird coming across Film Festivals with such a specific niche of film and often film maker they are looking for. Since making an experimental war film I assumed I would nicely find a few niche festivals that would love my film. Alas that premiere is still eluding Dragoon.

Its been a weird month since finishing Dragoon. Lots of submissions and a large number of rejections. It wouldn’t be so hard if it wasn’t such an expensive and time consuming process. Thankfully I have been able to use this great source to save a lot of money.

It has been disappointing however to find so little waivers in place for local film makers in the UK. A number of major film festivals across the pond in the US of A offer waivers to local film makers. Often a simple case of any films coming from a specific University or College receive free submission. Other times it is anyone from the local city. I am yet to find such a waiver in place in any festival in the UK.

Come on big festivals in the UK, give us poor local film makers a break even just a slight discount from being from the local area. It would make such a difference.

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