American Club – Kampala, Uganda

Hello all
Sorry for a rather slow update I have been having trouble posting photos.
I have put the above pictures up of the American club as i mention it quite a bit so i thought you all should see what i am talking about. You can see the pool and the clay tennis courts, the covered area is the restaurant. I also included a nice photo of the wonderful hail storm’s that are here.
I shall be at the American club this Sunday in my Ireland shirt to cheer them on!!
I am going to be away most of next week as i am away to Fort Portal on the west side of Uganda, i am going there to help with a medical camp they are setting up to look after local people and also staff at the Hima cement company which is the largest cement company in the whole of Uganda. I am also going to be filming a lot of the journey for microcare as they hope to produce a small documentary for Hima cement showing the medical care that microcare is doing.
Callum from Newcastle is coming up for this weekend and will be staying with me. I am thinking about going to the local water park, indeed you did hear me correctly, a business man decided that Kampala was a great place to build a water park for all the many many rich people in Kampala, its a large mix between a theme park and water park and sits empty most of the time as nobody can afford it so no queues 😀
I shall post a large update when i come back from Fort Portal.

‘Guy..what will he do next?’!!

Hello all
I have had quite a lot going on but that is not the reason for the slow update, it is due to lack of internet.
I had a lot of fun with the two boys Callum and Roddy before they left for kizizi. As shown in the above picture we decided to try out the local food at microcare I shall quote Roddy regarding what it was “there was yellow mush(matoke), white mush, yellow rice, white rice the green stuff, the other white stuff and the other yellow stuff. also these things that are like potato scones and a sort of stew over it.” That sums it up well.
We went shopping one day to get a range of coffee, soup and water, we also managed to find knifes, lots of knifes not locked(I thought it was amazing at the time). The picture of Callum is in Garden City when it started to rain heavily and without a roof water started gushing in and so they put out buckets which were filled and over flowing withing five seconds.
On their last night in Kampala they invited me along to Scottish dancing. We got a lift from Eric who they were staying with who brought us to a restaurant called faze2. After we had eaten we headed to where the dancing was taking place, this place just so happened to be the local Ugandan mason’s hall. The above picture of both of them sitting at the bar is when we realized we were sitting in a mason’s hall in Uganda about to learn some sottish dancing with a number of pensioners and we were chatting to Eric who just so happened to be friends with Adi Amin up until his death and the only way to sum it up was to shrug your shoulders and say welcome to Uganda.
I took some pictures of sunshine and some of my house and the surrounding garden and guard hut, I happened to also get a picture of a lizard who was on the guard hut.
I am starting to finally figure out how to use the shower so that’s a plus! It still feels a bit strange to be living on my own but peace and quiet Is quite enjoyable, wont be for much longer though as Matt is back on the 26th.
The weather here has greatly improved from the first week and the sun is shinning and im actually tanning up, i will fit in with everyone very soon.
Love to all

Watchn SA vs England

Im currently sitting in the American Club watchn the rugby outside on a balcony on a large screen while typing this!
Good to see south africa winning!!
Alot of English here and alot of quiet ppl!
I shall try and give a large update regarding my eventful week in the next day or so
Hope all is well?

My last few days

Hello all
I went to the local rugby club as you can see above. I am going to try and play there every monday which should help my international chances.
There was heavy thunder and lightning last night and so terrible rain aswell which as you can see in the pictures made the roads a little bit worse for wear. I met two guys one from Edinburgh and the other from Newcastle, they are in Kampala for a week before they head down to Kasisie(aint sure about the spelling) for a year to work in an internet cafe. I got on well with them and they have invited me to go down some time as they have a large 5bedroom house.
As you can see i have been checking out the wildlife, these geeko’s are everywhere they come out on my porch at night its great fun to watch them
Hope everyone is well at home

My house

Well i have now spent two nights in my house which is quite a strange experience but a learning curve.
Im currently at the American Club which is great with its tennis courts and swimming pool etc etc and more importantly a large screen to watch the rugby on!
Well heres some pictures of my house, it aint amazing but its fine for me and its with loads of great people which is nice
Im realising alot of things and its making me think about alot such as my future etc and jobs which is great and its settting me up for whatever i decide.
I still don’t have a clue what my address is and i don’t no how to post letters but im gona try and find all that out this week and take some more picturs of different things to show you all
Love to all