My house

Well i have now spent two nights in my house which is quite a strange experience but a learning curve.
Im currently at the American Club which is great with its tennis courts and swimming pool etc etc and more importantly a large screen to watch the rugby on!
Well heres some pictures of my house, it aint amazing but its fine for me and its with loads of great people which is nice
Im realising alot of things and its making me think about alot such as my future etc and jobs which is great and its settting me up for whatever i decide.
I still don’t have a clue what my address is and i don’t no how to post letters but im gona try and find all that out this week and take some more picturs of different things to show you all
Love to all

Moving into my new house

Well i have sorted myself out a bank account today with Stanbic Bank. I also withdrew 200,000 which sounds very impressive but is really only £50.
I am moving into my house tonight and i am rather excited about that.
I am going to be home alone up untill the 27th when Matt returns. I hope to take some photos tonight of the house and surroundings for you all to see.
I also started working today, i am currently designing powerpoint presentations for international conferences so im trying my best to make them look good which hopefully i shall. Once i have that completed i will start work on the website.
Hope all is well
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I have arrived

Pictures of Saudi Sunrise, the palm islands(dubai man made islands, google it), a rainy Entebbe airport and me looking out the window pondering

Hey all
I arrived in a rainy Uganda yesterday which i have to admit was clearly an attempt at a Fermanagh style welcome.
I am currently staying with the Nobles but i am hoping to move into my house on Friday. I went to see my house today and it is nice with a lady from Northern Ireland living next door who is very friendly.
I am currently in Gerry’s company Microcare and this has been my first chance to get online.
I had hopped to post as often as i can and to put photos etc up but as i am realizing that may be harder than i expected.
Never the less you should check back anyway to see if i have updated it as i will try to as often as is possible.
Love to all

The day before i leave

Hello and welcome to my blog.
I have decided to set up this blog so that it is easier for people to find out whats going on with me and enables you to check whenever you want or let whoever you want see.
I will try and keep this updated maybe every week(we shall see how busy i am and how often i can get on the internet)
Well this is my first blog and i am very excited about tomorrow its going to be a great experience for me but im going to miss everyone so much.
Guy Phenix