Glasgow hops back to life for 2016

It looks from the signs of it that my dwarf hop plant is coming back for another year!  

After a rather successful crop last year that enabled me to homebrew an impressive one gallon batch of CWG IPA the wee thing has sprung into action in spring.


Very excited to see what harvest I can get this summer with it being its third year. Still drinking the CWG IPA from last year, here’s hoping I get the priming right this time and so it’s better than this.


24th beer of Christmas

Red Nose Reinbeer Xmas Ale – Somerset Craft Brewery – 5.0%

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed I am not drinking these on the right days. Well tough luck, I’ll be doing want I want.

This final beer of the beeradvent is a rather disappointing end to a great range of beers. Except for the cliched branding and name this isn’t very Christmassy or festive which is how I have permitted some poor beers to be justified.

It’s an ok ale. That’s about it 4/10

So that’s it. 24 beers drank, reviewed and rated. Here’s to some great beer in 2016.

21st beer of Christmas

Hix’s Darkside – Diskworld ales – 7.0%

Nothing says festive like an oatmeal stout, this aged bad boy is lovely. Great malty character with sweet oaty after tastes. This is well up there as best beer so far.