New York Photography 7 – Call boxes and hydrants

City infrastructure can last decades, always blending into the background. Graffiti, wear and tear and advances in technology all take their toll. Fire hydrants are an American icon,  but have you heard about Call Boxes?

Watch the below Vox documentary on this fascinating city infrastructure.

DC’s abandoned fire and police call boxes, explained

Berlin Berlin Berlin with VSCOCAM

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography

Finally made it to Berlin for a short break. It is such a fun city and we were there as Germany made it into the semi-finals of Euro2016 which just added a bit to the chaos that was unfolding.
Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photographyBerlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography

I do love the Brutalist architecture that is dotted around the city. Was actually expecting a lot more of it. What really surprised me was the damaged buildings from WWII that they had made into memorials or had emphasized the damage. It was a striking and gut wrenching image that really did make you remember better than any memorial.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography

The little photo booths dotted across the city called Photoautomats are amazing and one of my favorite things from our trip. Not only are they cheap, €2 a go, they are loads of fun to discover and also they give you great souvenirs. Would highly recommend hitting a few up, its nearly impossible not to. Check out this interactive map of them here

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography gate

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography subway ubahnBerlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography sausage chips

The street food in Berlin is pretty spectacular. Loved grabbing a Currywurst and a beer for pretty much every meal. As you can see I also brought along my Canon 600 but of course on the second day the film got jammed during a rewind. Still haven’t developed these, a weekend job.

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography strangelove

Last but not least I loved the Dr.Strangelove-esque designs inside of Berlin buildings. You just had to look up for these amazing brutal lines and harsh lighting. I say go just for this.


13 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo


Finally a decent sunrise to welcome me during my coffee brew ritual. I love our wee flat and the way light hits it but a grey and miserable Glasgow has been bathing it in darkness for a few months now. Perhaps we are finally turning a corner on the weather front just as the snow hits the mountains.

12 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Spent a short but painful amount of time in a dentists chair today but the lovely colours of a Glasgow close cheered me up on my way there.

I love the way the way the colours all change in the rain and each sandstone wall tells its own story. The tiles are just another magical world altogether.