6 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo

This wee fella and I had a fun morning at the vets. He hates it after they took some stuff from him a few years ago and he ain’t forgiving them till he gets it all back. Not sure he will ever get over it but they do make him better when he is ill.

5 / Jan 2016 Dailyphoto

Glasgow and its eternal desire for more student housing. When will it end? It now makes up most of the skyline in the West End and seemingly all the new housing in the area. Still we have the Kelvin here flowing on past, it won’t become student housing, will it?

4 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo 

All hail Scotland the neon. Always love a wee dander around Glasgow’s streets and perfectly tucked away is the GOMA. Home to an amazing modern art collection as well as a great library underneath.

“We Love Real Life Scotland” by Ross Sinclair currently adorned the outside of the building. Giving the Duke of Wellington a bright backdrop and catching the eye of pretty much every passer by.

3 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo

This year so far has been all about my teeth. Impacted molars means starting the New Year on some tasty antibiotics and a hope that I won’t get these yanked out.

On the daily photo side I feel I’ve turned a corner, I need to be less focused on getting some awesome photo I will never achieve and instead just embrace whatever.

2 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo

2 Jan 2016 Daily Photo

These two were gossiping like nothing normal. Somebody has been getting up to mischief and both are appalled but not particularly surprised.

The second daily photo of 2016 and it’s rather frustrating already. Bit of a soft launch yesterday with no social sharing. Mainly because I am not liking what I am shooting at the moment. It’s difficult coming to the realisation that you aren’t a very good photographer and that the rest of this month will be either a difficult slog or maybe I will turn a corner and get some creativity from somewhere.