New York Photography #ExpiredFilm 1

As we waited for the train to leave Rockaway, Queens after an amazing day of beach, sea and food, the sun just sat perfectly. We had a full carriage to ourselves and the light was just gorgeous. I was recently looking at the photos on my phone of this occasion and I thought I must have imagined the amazing light as it looked meh on my phone. Then when I saw this photo I realized it really was stunning light. Makes me love film so much. The team at Film Rescue also supplied me with B & W copies (below).

31/Jan 2016: Off elsewhere

So that’s the end of the first monthly project of 2016. A sort of experiment in forced creativity.

This first one done and like this lady I am off elsewhere. Need a departure from photography but no doubt I will be back. Will do a conclusion with the full month of photos on a January page on the blog.

11 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo


Ever have yourself one of those nights where you go out and take hundreds of photos and not one works, you get to chat to security guards at ten at night and nearly lose an eye in a forest? I had one of them nights and that was after having a long day where David Bowie died.

I wanted to make some reference to Ziggy with some long exposure, try explaining that to a security guard in high viz. The beauty of the Glasgow cloud prevented this and after multiple failed attempted to get a shot I like this above is the very last photo from nearly two hours of trying.

I feel picking the final photo somehow justifies every photo that went before it leading up to this point. It’s not great and it has given me a kick up the butt. I need to go out at lunch and get some decent light and take some interesting photos. Note taken.

7 / Jan 2016 Dailyphoto

I love these lights that have appeared below scaffolding on my commute to work. They are so industrial and brutal but their bird cage like structure and bright yellow always brightens my walk. I can only imagine the workers and builders had me in mind when they put them in.