Daily Photo – 30 – Final

So that’s it, 30 days of photos. In the end some were not from the archive due to busyness. This last one is. On a ferry traveling across Lake Victoria. If you are going to win at cards, do it in style and with red eyes. Circa 200816740504804_2013479c83_o

Daily Photo – 29 – Uganda to Sudan


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Today’s post is a bit of a treat of photos from a rather insane journey I took.

From the bright lights of Kampala, Uganda to the abstract craziness of Yei, Sudan (Now South Sudan). This is easily the most insane travelling I have done and one of those I look back upon still with fear.


Day tripping at Blair Drummond

We spent a day in the glorious Blair Drummond yesterday. It is such a wonderful wee place for a day trip. The shows are engaging, the chimp boat is like something from Deliverance and the flying fox last passed its health and safety in the 70’s. I am not a big fan of Zoos but this place is great. You get so close to the animals you can grab em, if you wanted.

N.B : What do you feed a penguin?

I am slowly but surely making a positive step towards photography. This step involves me doing something with my photos, actually editing them will take a few more steps.