Is it spring?

Birds chirping away, trees cleared from the path and glorious sunshine streaming into my flat pre 9am. Perhaps Glasgow is apologizing for a miserable winter with an early spring?
I glance a smile and a hello to a fellow reveller of the morning commute, the hatred in their eyes pierces my hello and raises me 1000 I hate the mornings. Spring has not sprung.

Terrible real estate agent photos – new blog monday

Just stumbled across this. Having spent many an hour browsing property websites and suitably laughing at the photos this is a genius idea. Somehow estate agents often manage to capture a house just horrendously. When they do, those photos get posted up here. Enjoy.

There is a little-known psychological condition, sufferers of which
imagine rooms to be far smaller than they actually are.

This flat is offered furnished, depending on which items the burglars leave behind.