Shadow Dancer (2012) – Views

Shadow Dancer looks great, proper serious thriller based around the troubles in Belfast during the 90’s. Always a bigger basher of Northern Irish ‘troubles’ films but to be honest this looks great. Hard to expect anything else from James March. A foreigner(Cornwall) coming in to do a ‘troubles’ film always gives me goosebumps and a ranty […]

America’s Sweethearts (2001) – A view

I shall advise you not to watch America’s Sweethearts as John Cusack puts in a better performance in the below 20 second clip than he does in an hour and thirty minutes of America’s Sweethearts boredom.  Thought I would give an overly horribly reviewed rom-com a go, its got Julie Roberts and John Cusack so […]

Coriolanus (2011) – A view

Having not watched a Shakespearean film/tv adaption since that glorious 1997 adaption of Macbeth with my old favorite, Brian Blessed. Coriolanus had a tough act to follow. I am not a Shakespeare fan so this story was unknown to me but it soon neatly unfolded with weird mother son connections and betrayal as one would […]

Grabbers (2012), Shadow Dancer (2012) and Irish Film- A pre View

Now I am not a big fan of horror, it is one of those genre’s I find cheap, tacky and inappropriate. In recent years films like Saw, Paranormal activity and HC (Not even gona write it) have flown past me without as much as a glance to see any. I have no interest in seeing that […]

Margot at the wedding (2007) – View

vFound out this week during to much “Wes Andersoning” that Noah Baumbach was a co writer on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I also enjoyed his directing style after watching The Squid and the Whale. So I decided to give another film he has directed a look see. I was not expecting much due to a certain […]