27/Jan 2016 : Biblical rain

I managed to get soaked about three times today as Glasgow’s skies continue to melt. It’s getting pretty ridiculous looking out the window at any given time of the day and seeing torrential rain pummelling everything below it.

Bring back the snow I say or sort yourself out clouds and do as requested and go to Spain. 

12 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Spent a short but painful amount of time in a dentists chair today but the lovely colours of a Glasgow close cheered me up on my way there.

I love the way the way the colours all change in the rain and each sandstone wall tells its own story. The tiles are just another magical world altogether. 

9 / Jan 2016 #vscocam #glasgow #photography

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It is pure Baltic out but inception street always warms my cockles. Situated in Partick, Glasgow Gardner street as some people call it is a treat for the eyes. Some say it reminds them of San Francisco but in reality San Fran is just a homage to Gardner street. As we all know “San Francisco” is Spanish for “Steep Glasgow street that’s pure mental to get up in the snow and ice”

8 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Like a scene from True Detective, first series obviously, this sits out amongst the frost. The local pigeons have clearly committed a ritual bird seeding. One can only imagine the carnage that created this but on my way home, it had mysteriously disappeared. Another mystery that will go unsolved.

Now eight days into this first project of twelve and I am already trying to sort out the next few. Some in the pipeline but if you want to get involved then get in touch.

4 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo 

All hail Scotland the neon. Always love a wee dander around Glasgow’s streets and perfectly tucked away is the GOMA. Home to an amazing modern art collection as well as a great library underneath.

“We Love Real Life Scotland” by Ross Sinclair currently adorned the outside of the building. Giving the Duke of Wellington a bright backdrop and catching the eye of pretty much every passer by.